Monday, August 24, 2009

The Button-Eyed Girl

My 4-year-old has now made friends with her imaginary monster, the button-eyed girl. I made the mistake of letting her watch "Coraline" and for weeks she swore the button-eyed girl was trying to get her. We tried telling her she wasn't real, that we ripped her eyes out (you have to see the movie before you judge us). But she was not buying any of it.

So the other day after she disappeared into the dining room for a while, I overheard her talking to "someone". I looked over to my left and there was my other daughter, so I called to Lily to see what she was doing. She walked into the kitchen with a huge smile on her face and said "Mommy! The button-eyed girl is really nice and she is my friend now!". I sighed with relief knowing it was all going to better until she said, "The button-eyed girl doesn't like you and daddy and wants you dead." I couldn't believe it, where does she get this crap?

It reminded me of this made for TV movie "Don't go to Sleep". It is where the ghost daughter seeks revenge on her family for letting her die in a fiery car wreck and she rolls a pizza cutter up the stairs saying "I'll cut a piece for mommy and an extra big piece for daddy". This is right before she electrocutes the dad by pushing a radio into the bath. It is a freaking scary movie and excuse me now while I go hide the pizza cutter and unplug the radios that are conveniently right next to the bath tubs...

Here is the link to the imdb on the movie: Don't say I didn't warn you!!

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