Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Workout Revitalization

I joined the Y in July, but haven't been going. So I went to the Y to cancel and realized that I don't have to rush there to do the classes but I could just work out on my own. I take my Polar watch, which tracks my fitness goals, well it is really its fitness goals and it projects them on me, and my Sony Reader. Oh and don't forget the water, well when I remember the water...

My daughters get dropped off in the kids care area and dread it every time. There is one teacher though that Carly likes, she supposedly calls her mom,(I wonder if the lady yells at her) although I was told that on Friday Ms. Shirley is off so I can bring Carly if I want, but it may be a bad day.

I then go to the workout room and do the following schedule:


30 Minutes elliptical
The circuit of weight training that is set up through Fitlinxx

2 laps around the outside track with Carly in the stroller

Total Calories: 617

30 minutes Elliptical

4.5 miles Bike

Total Calories:575


I have lost 14 pounds since I quit working and my goal is to lose at least 11 more. My watch even gave me a trophy for the first time. I have had it for a year and I finally get a trophy! Go ME!

Anyway, Tuesday is laundry day at the Jackson house, so I must be off to climb the mountain (of clothes). As my 18 month would say, 'SEE YA'!