Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I don't usually try to hold vendettas against total strangers, but I think I am right now. Her name is Fran, she goes to the Y everyday at the same time I do. It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't so loud and knew every freakin' person in the place, but she is and she does. You wonder why that bothers me so much? Well, it is because I had an iPod a long time ago, but somehow I lost it. So now I just bring my Sony Reader to the Y so I can make the time go by on the elliptical.

Fran always is on a machine relatively close to me, gabbing away with the person next to her on the machine. I thought maybe she came with a friend, but I have noticed it is every single person in Westminster that comes to the Y knows Fran. Hell, I even know her name and I don't even talk to her! I think to myself, I am going to turn to the person next to me and sigh and say, "Man, I wish that lady would shut up." thinking it would be a great way to start my own conversation. But low and behold, here comes FRAN to chat it up with that same person I thought would surely be on my side.

I really can't put any rhyme or reason to my dislike, maybe it is because she is so loud, maybe because she is over-dramatic, or maybe it is because I feel like she is purposely torturing me by not letting me read my book in relative peace. She acts as though everyone cares about her stupid ADHD son who plays golf. Seriously.

So I got Carly out of daycare and I started running around the track outside, thinking this would be the way to serenity. I hear a voice, it starts in low and then starts to grow...dammit it is Fran. She is following me, she must see me mouth the f-word every time she climbs on to the closest machine. She is watching me and torturing me with her cardiovascular obsession. Fran...ugh.